Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Ableton Live!
  1. Insert midiCTRL to the new MIDI track.
  2. Create second MIDI track
  3. In second MIDI track set input to the first miditrack, and select "micron" at the pre/post fx options.
  4. Set "In" status to the second MIDI track.
  5. Set output of second track to your midiout.
If you need Midi Learn function in Ableton Live!:
  1. Set input of the first MIDI track to your MIDI-in.


  1. Press "F11"Select "micron" in your VST instruments.
  2. Insert first MIDI track.
  3. Set "micron" to Input of the first MIDI track.
  4. Set output of the first midi track to your Synth.

If you need Midi Learn function in Cubase:
  1. Insert second MIDI track.
  2. Set input of second MIDI track to your remote MIDI-in.
  3. Set output of second MIDI track to "micron".
Fruity Loops

  1. Insert "micron" to the track.
  2. Set input port number to your preferred MIDI-in.
  3. Set output port number to your preferred MIDI-out.
  1. Insert new track.
  2. Open track I/O options
  3. Set MIDI Hardware output, to your synth.
  4. Open track FX options
  5. Select "midiCTRL" in VSTi list.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

FAQ for Ableton Live!

With Ableton you need to use:

1) midiCTRL for Ableton
2) install virtual midi cables

3) install midiox
setup midiox:
options->midi devices
select to in your virtual cables
select for out your sound card midiout
view->midiport routing
make all your midi in by lines to midiout(just drag'n'drop).

4) go to Ableton
click "ctrl"+','
go to midi sync
set "sync" input to your sound card midi-in
"track" outputs to your virtual ports (maple 1,2).

5) open midiCTRL
set midiout to maple 3 or 4 midi out.
insert 1 audio track. set input to "Ext.In"

6) insert midi track with out to 1 of your free midiouts

PS. you can set delay compensation for midi track. FOR 100% sync with Micron.

Saturday, 24 November 2007


If you have some troubles with running midiCTRL ( i found it in Cubase SX3).
REMOVE folder "micron" from your vst folder.

UPDATE 24.11.2007


TODAY midiCTRL for Alesis Micron get new version number:

Update info:

1) Now users don't need to install midictrl.dll
You can move it to anything location on your system, without install.

2) Setup mixer replaced for Tracking editor.
Setup mixer now free software. You can load it from our site. (soon).

3) Fix:

corrected work on the controller options with negative values.
OSC (shape, octave, semitone, pitch).
FX balance
FX dry / wet
FX abcdef parameters.
MOD level / offset parameters
ENV 2/3 sustain level
PRE/POST balance
FILTER 1/2 key/env

corrected LFO imports. It was importing in the opposite direction.
corrected imports for number of Unison voices.
corrected imports for FM type.

corrected work of FX 1/2 sections
corrected work env parameter of FILTER 1.

You can get demo from or buy it from our partners. (partners list on

Best Regards, Alexander Merkulov

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Update 22.11.2007


FX2 section: "A" parameter now working in two versions.

delay mono mode, with limit 680 ms.
delay stereo mode, with limit 340 ms.

demo dll update:

demo install, updated:

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Bugtrack 20.11.07

Fixed bugs:

FX2 section:

MIX parameter - don't work, as it is required.
a & time/tempo parameters - had failures at work, always changed values on tempo.

SETUP sysex bundle update.
Fixed fx remote bugs.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Easy FAQ

midiCTRL - VST Controller & Editor for Alesis Micron / Ion Synthesizers

Alesis, Controller, Ion, Micron, MIDI, midiCTRL, Synthesizer, VSTincluded:

SYSEX import + mod's patch for micron/ion.
MIDI LEARN (more 90 assignable knobs).
RESET button
SETUP channel mixer & setup patch for micron/ion
FX control (FULL!)

OS: Windows
HOST: VST (Cubase, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc.)

PRICE: 25 € ( or 35$ )

Today We proud to release new great update for midiCTRL.

a) mute buttons for: - setup mixer - pre&post filter volumes.
b) midiout channel select.
c) setup & pattern sysex bundles for micron/ion.

Now midiCTRL can work with Setup - REALTIME.

Here We shall place, all video, faq, tutorials and the other help/creative information.


1) download midiCTRL (
2) run your's Micron/Ion.
3) load to Micron/Ion DEFAULT_SETUP.syx bundle.
you can load it via (MIDIOX).
4) run DAW application.
5) open midiCTRL
6) select first channel. load your syx preset.

7) select next channel load your syx preset.
8) mix or mute it

9) or select channel and go to edit

Sunday, 18 November 2007


As you might know a lot of music producers and musicians use Apple computers.Any plans for Mac version?

In First Quartile of 2008.

Now we work for cross-platform variant. (Win/Mac)

Yes, sounds changing are when I rotate knobs. I must be doing something wrong. Plz give me step by step instructions on how to load a program from the micron into your plugin.

You should use only the folders and files which are not containing spaces, like this "C:\midi _control\syx\my_syx.syx ", in a name. And so there all on standard. You can load from any disk.

Yes, I clicked on "load" button and nothing happened.

Then, you not configured your midi-outs.
Sounds changing when you rotate knobs on midiCTRL?

How do you load a program from the micron into your software to see the settings of all the parameters? for example, there is a program called "deep space" on the micron, I want to load this program into midiCTRL so I can see the settings and maybe change them.

For send program from micron to midiCTRL, you need to send it to your PC in sysex format and load via midiCTRL VST interface.

Right, I did that and as I said I have the sysex file in the midiCTRL VST interface browser. Now what do I do?

You need to click on "load" button.

Can you please download REAPER and test if midiCTRL will work in it. I don't want to waste time trying to figure it out if it doesn't.

I installed it. there is no sysex file called "RESET_PATCH" in the installation folder. There is an .fxp file called "RESET." what is the .fxp file for?

Also, I don't understand step 3. What is a "preset from your's SYSEX programms"? how do you do this?

You can use any single program presets for micron/ion from your sysex library. (not banks). - there tones of presets, if you don't have it.

FXP is for VST. (it's option from old versions)
But your program already can use reset function.

You can get it here:

This SYSEX set all program setups to zero and activate all (12) modulations (for midiCTRL).

You can try to load this to your synth for RESET before work. After loading, keep this program, as deafult.

How did you configure VSThost to make it run ? (I mean, on midi-port side ?)
Which version of the demo DLL do you use ? micron.dll, micron_c.dll or micron_a.dll ?

You need to move the VST plug on directory with the name micron. Ie micron.dll and folder "micron" will be the same folder. then all will work.
For example:
folder: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\micron\
dll: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\micron.dll

I made this plugin in 2 cases:
a) for all (Ableton optimised) - with multiple midiout option
b) for Cubase & any: with one default out.
If you want to make one MIDI out - install cubase/fl version.
for multiple - Ableton version.

Ableton version work for me in any system or host, i use midiox with maple virtual cables, because i'm Ableton user:)
They don't know nrpn/sysex output.

only VST dll files:

I am interested in your Micron editing software. I use Cubase SL3. Do I have to use BOMES SENDSX? Is it not possible to send it via Cubase?

In Cubase you can use native MIDI OUT.
Add first midi track with in from your controller and out to midiCTRL. (for midilearn).
Add second midi track with input from midicontrol and out to your Alesis Micron or Ion.
Thats it.

For Cubase you can install version marked as "...all...".
I has added demo in setup files, for some example settings.
If you encounter problems or it's don't opened, write to me. I am happy to assist you.

Sunday, 4 November 2007


midiCTRL - VST Based MIDI-controller.
Supports remote change and automate ALL program parameters of Alesis Micron (Ion). Created for easy work with this product's. Tested in the most popular music editors (Ableton live, Cubase, Mackie Tracktion, Fruity Loops).
Where, midiCTRL, showed excellent performance.

Has 2 version.
1) Optimized for all programs including Ableton Live.
2) Optimized for all programs except Ableton Live.

There is a mass of the goods and minimum weaknesses.
Purchased version includes free updates to the following modifications.