Sunday, 25 November 2007

FAQ for Ableton Live!

With Ableton you need to use:

1) midiCTRL for Ableton
2) install virtual midi cables

3) install midiox
setup midiox:
options->midi devices
select to in your virtual cables
select for out your sound card midiout
view->midiport routing
make all your midi in by lines to midiout(just drag'n'drop).

4) go to Ableton
click "ctrl"+','
go to midi sync
set "sync" input to your sound card midi-in
"track" outputs to your virtual ports (maple 1,2).

5) open midiCTRL
set midiout to maple 3 or 4 midi out.
insert 1 audio track. set input to "Ext.In"

6) insert midi track with out to 1 of your free midiouts

PS. you can set delay compensation for midi track. FOR 100% sync with Micron.

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