Saturday, 24 November 2007

UPDATE 24.11.2007


TODAY midiCTRL for Alesis Micron get new version number:

Update info:

1) Now users don't need to install midictrl.dll
You can move it to anything location on your system, without install.

2) Setup mixer replaced for Tracking editor.
Setup mixer now free software. You can load it from our site. (soon).

3) Fix:

corrected work on the controller options with negative values.
OSC (shape, octave, semitone, pitch).
FX balance
FX dry / wet
FX abcdef parameters.
MOD level / offset parameters
ENV 2/3 sustain level
PRE/POST balance
FILTER 1/2 key/env

corrected LFO imports. It was importing in the opposite direction.
corrected imports for number of Unison voices.
corrected imports for FM type.

corrected work of FX 1/2 sections
corrected work env parameter of FILTER 1.

You can get demo from or buy it from our partners. (partners list on

Best Regards, Alexander Merkulov

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